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Fiducian Focus is a quarterly newsletter for our clients. Focus contains informative news and articles to keep our clients up to date on the latest in financial planning strategies, superannuation and economic and market updates.

Focus Winter 2018

Westfield merges with Unibail-Rodamco

Stuart Cartledge, Managing Director, Phoenix Portfolios, an underlying fund manager for the Fiducian Property Securities Fund By any measure, Westfield...
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A lifetime’s work, a lifetime’s wealth

Most of us work hard all our lives to accumulate wealth for our families and ourselves. Many people, perhaps with...
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Focus Autumn 2018

We’re Here To Help You Be Super-Smart

To get the most benefit from super, there are ways of being super-smart. We’re the first to agree that superannuation...
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A Trusted Partner At A Challenging Time

Thinking in advance about the final phase of our lives, or arranging aged care for our older loved ones, can...
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Focus Summer 2017

Nowra Golf & Craft Day

The Nowra Fiducian office recently ran its 16th Annual Charity Golf & Craft Day. Held at the Nowra Golf Club...
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What Every Investor Needs to Know

Compound interest has been described by Albert Einstein as: ‘The eighth wonder of the world’ Compound interest is a fundamental...
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The Outlook for International Share Markets

Olivia Engel, Deputy CIO, Active Quantitative Equities, State Street Global Advisors (State Street is an underlying manager for the Fiducian...
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Focus Spring 2017

Getting Your Super On-track

The lifestyle you can afford to have in retirement will depend on how much money you can INVEST before retirement....
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Women and Super

Did you know that more than 80% of women are currently retiring with insufficient superannuation savings to fund a comfortable...
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Focus Winter 2017

Selling your small business – what does it mean for your tax?

You’ve built a good solid business and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your undoubted labour. So, you...
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Residential property – what could go wrong?

Stuart Cartledge, Managing Director, Phoenix Portfolios Pty Ltd, an underlying mandate manager for the Fiducian Property Securities Fund Residential property,...
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Focus Autumn 2017

Sequencing risk – what does it mean for you?

Sequencing risk is talked about, but what does this term actually mean? FFS planner Richard Press talks with FOCUS about...
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Super changes – what do they mean for me?

What concessional contributions can I make? Annual before-tax caps * You can contribute more than the annual cap if you...
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Australian equities – things are not that bad

Sean Martin, Chief Investment Officer, Solaris Investment Management – an underlying manager for the Fiducian Australian Shares Fund We believe...
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Previous Fiducian Focus Editions

Focus Summer 2016

Who moved my cheese? Changes to super ahead

Federal Parliament recently passed legislation that will affect superannuation from 1 July 2017. Superannuation is all about tax and how...
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Microcap stocks should be in Australian equities exposures

Tony Waters, Microcap Portfolio Manager, Ausbil Investment Management Limited, an underlying manager for the Fiducian Australian Smaller Company Shares Fund...
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Focus Spring 2016

Is super still worth it?

The May 2016 Budget contained significant amendments to superannuation including capped limits to the concessional tax treatment of contributions and...
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Age Pension – Planning for comfortable retirement

Accessing Age Pension income support is an opportunity to access certain income and other concessions and savings during retirement. The...
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The case for global emerging markets

Andrew Heyden, Aberdeen Asset Management Limited, an underlying manager for the Fiducian Global Smaller Companies and Emerging Markets Fund The...
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Focus Winter 2016

Advice helps retirement-needs awareness

Few unadvised workers realise how much they will need to save for retirement, despite increasing numbers of people being aware...
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Get set for big changes

– Federal Budget 2016-17 On Tuesday, 3 May 2016 at 7.30pm, Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down his first Budget. This...
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Focus Autumn 2016

Advice beats ‘alpha’ for retirement income

When it comes to investment returns, research is showing that financial advice beats the search for ‘alpha’, which measures an...
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Don’t wait for the Budget – the time to act is now

With pre-Budget submissions now completed, the May 2016 Budget forms the centrepiece of the election year ahead in the battle...
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Turbulence in the Chinese economy and its implications for the stock market

by Amber Saft, Senior Product Manager, Franklin Global Equity Group, one of the underlying managers of the Fiducian International Shares...
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Focus Summer 2015

Planners’ strategies optimise: Good Outcomes

For this issue of FOCUS, we asked three of our planners to talk about strategies for helping clients make the...
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The Fiducian Technology Fund

The Fiducian Technology Fund provides access to high tech stocks across the globe, including stocks in bio-technology, information technology (IT)...
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Focus Spring 2015

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Estate planning is the complex process of preparing to transfer a person’s wealth and assets after his or her death...
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Check out the latest changes to Age Pension Assets Test

In the Federal Budget 2015, the Government proposed significant changes to the assessment of the assets test that applies to...
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Hi-Tech Buoys Fiducian’s Ultra-Growth Fund

Fiducian’s Ultra-Growth Fund is one of the best performing high-growth funds available. Our investment manager, Conrad Burge, explains this unique...
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Focus Winter 2015

The Fiducian India Fund – An Outperforming Fund

Fiducian’s India Fund is a carefully structured fund that has been one of the best performing international shares funds available....
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Federal Budget 2015 Overview

At 7.30pm on Tuesday 12 May 2015, Treasurer Joe Hockey handed down his second Budget. The Treasurer described the 2015...
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Focus Autumn 2015

Planning for a Child’s Future

One of the greatest gifts that a parent or a grandparent can provide is to set money aside for a...
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How You or Your Loved Ones Can Access Home Care Packages?

A Home Care Package provides services that can: help you to stay at home, and give you choice and flexibility...
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India – An Oasis in an Uncertain World

Aashish Wakankar, Senior Fund Manager, State Bank of India Funds Management (One of the three Fund Managers in the Fiducian...
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Focus Summer 2014

Meet Your Financial Goals. Book Your Annual Review.

Another year, another Christmas around the corner. It feels like Christmas and the New Year rolls around sooner every year!...
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Access Your Fiducian Account, Anytime, Anywhere

Fiducian Online allows you to track your investments within the Fiducian Services from your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone....
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The Mining Sector: Commodity Prices…Where to from Here?

Resources stocks have lagged the broader market in recent times but now look attractively priced according to Dr Joanne Warner,...
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Focus Spring 2014

Preparing for Deeming Of Account Based Pensions

With the recent passing of legislation, deeming rules will apply to Superannuation Account Based Pensions from 1 January 2015. No...
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Salary Sacrifice: Aim To Retire With $5 million

An effective way to accumulate wealth is through investing in Superannuation as there are several tax concessions. There are many...
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The Fiducian Growth Fund – Living up to its name

Fiducian’s Growth Fund is a carefully structured fund that combines allocation to a number of different asset sectors but with...
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Focus Winter 2014

Super Contributions Caps Rise For First Time In 5 Years

Following a freeze on the indexation of the Concessional Contributions Cap for five years by the former government, the 2014-15...
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China: A Paradigm Shifting from West to East

By Jonathan Wu – Associate Director / Head of Distribution and Operations – Premium China Funds Management The Perma-Bears of...
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New Version of Fiducian Online?

Fiducian Online is a powerful resource that allows you to track your investments within the Fiducian Services. Fiducian Online is...
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Focus Autumn 2014

Aged Care Costs Likely to Rise

In June 2013 the government passed a number of reforms changing the aged care system. These reforms will likely mean...
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Have you updated your Nominated Beneficiary

The Fiducian Superannuation Service allows you to appoint a Binding Nomination that provides greater certainty as to whom your superannuation...
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Is there Value in Listed Property (A-REITs)

Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs), also known as Listed Property Securities, have provided investors with very solid returns over...
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Focus Summer 2013

When can I afford to retire? How much do I need?

Many Australians are asking themselves, ‘When can I afford to retire? How much do I need?’ The purpose of superannuation...
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Our Technology Fund is now well placed for the new High Tech era

‘High Tech’ (or cutting edge technology) is giving countries such as the US a significant competitive advantage and is destined...
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Fiducian in the Community – A Year in Review

Throughout 2013 Fiducian proudly supported many charities and community causes throughout Australia including: NSW Autism Advisory and Support Service Camden’s...
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Focus Spring 2013

Did you know?

Over 59? You can put more in your Super Tax Free From 1 July 2013 the Concessional Contributions Cap has...
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Are ‘Defensive’ Stocks still a safe Investment?

Mark Landau, Managing Director, L1 Capital. L1 Capital are one of the six managers for the Fiducian Australian Shares Fund...
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New enhancements Fiducian Online

Fiducian Online is a powerful tool that allows you to access up to date information on your Fiducian investments. We...
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Focus Winter 2013

Federal Budget Highlights

The following summarises some of the Superannuation, Personal Income Tax and Centrelink issues handed down in the federal budget. TAXATION...
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The Fiducian Ultra Growth Fund – Why is it doing so Well?

Fiducian’s Ultra Growth Fund is one of the best performing high growth funds available. Fiducian Investment Manager, Conrad Burge, was...
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The Fiducian Manage the Manager System

Fiducian offers a suite of managed funds which provide investors a choice of diversified, sector specific and specialist funds. Each...
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Focus Autumn 2013

Catherine‘s Repetitive Strain Injury

Financial Planner Louise was undertaking a review with her client John when he informed her that his wife Catherine was...
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David’s battle with Terminal Cancer

When David was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer in 2009, he was given 18 months to live. At that time David...
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What is the Outlook for the Australian Share Market this Year?

Crispin Murray, Head of Equity Strategies, BT Investment Management The interest rate environment affects company earnings and ultimately share market...
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Focus Summer 2012

Are you financially ready for what lies ahead?

Achieving financial security requires time and effort, seldom will luck alone get you there. After spending time paying bills, checking...
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Fiducian Online

Fiducian Online is a powerful tool that allows you to access up to date information on your Fiducian investments. Fiducian...
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Comparing the Australian Share Market with Bank Term Deposits

Financial theory teaches us that, over time, share markets should deliver better returns to the investor than bank deposits. Empirical...
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